There Are Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun

A few weeks ago I went out in the shack right before leaving for work, about 5:30 in the morning. I tuned up on 30 and heard K6VVA/KL7 calling CQ. Having spent a bit of time up in Alaska myself, I get a bit of a thrill out of working KL7’s. We just had a quick exchange of signal reports, and I left for work thinking I’d worked some old fart in his motorhome on vacation which in itself  is actually pretty cool. When I got home I looked up the call and discovered that Rick Hilding, K6VVA not only had  activated the barrier island of Point Lay as an “Island on the Airwaves” (IOTA), but had also gone native and completely immersed himself in the local culture. Turns out Rick does this kind of thing on a regular basis.  

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Some people are enamored of someone that can trick somebody out of their life’s savings. I respect the hell out of this guy. 

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Over at Neatorama I found this article  The Mysterious Oreo Logo it suggests that the biscuit’s design contains an early European symbol for quality, or perhaps a Cross of Lorraine, as carried by the Knights Templar in the crusades. My suspicion is that  the cookie was designed by a radio enthusiast. I didn’t have to look too hard to see a Yagi antenna, Morse code, and diodes. What do you guys see? 

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Welcome to the Jungle

In case you didn’t come across this while surfing, this “Guns and Roses” cover is pretty neat.


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New Job!


A common theme of my blog is my good fortune. A few weeks ago I began a new job as a millwright in a factory that makes high quality smokeless tobacco products. It is a gearhead’s dream come true. My days are filled with heli-arc welding, metal fabrication, and repairing machinery in a beautiful stainless steel plant. Even better, I’m working with friendly high quality people who are showing me the ropes. 

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Elecraft KX3

Wow! I just might have to break open my piggy bank.

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Elecraft KX3

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Superb Link


Guys, check out the pictures at too cool!

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My friend Vic (the guy who introduced me to the love of my life Dorothy), gave my boy Tommy  a nice knife blade and rivets. Click on the picture to check out the mahogany handle Tommy made for it. The picture is before the final sanding and varnish- it looks even better now.

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Clean, Safe , Too Cheap To Meter

  God help us all.

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