Girl Power


  Something you may not know about The Radiotelegrapher is that I can account for a couple of thousand miles traveled in my Grumman canoe. Today to celebrate my birthday (51!), my little girl Fawn and I took a  trip up and down the Chicago river. We paddled from the northside down into The Chicago loop. Passing through a canyon of skyscrapers I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Fawn is a courier de bois in her own right and that she also pulls like an outboard motor. Highlights of the trip included a stop at Navy Pier and a downpour. 

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4 Responses to Girl Power

  1. Mike W8MDE says:

    Happy B day Tom,Good work with the canoe. I’ve always wanted one of my own. We did some sea kyaking for a couple seasons years ago but eventually got rid of them. Lots of fun but a pain to load up and get to the water.Much easier for me to just hop on one of my bikes.-Mike

  2. john bruzan says:

    Happy Birthday! Looks like we have quite the nautical family. Great to see the outboard motor Fawn pulling away!

  3. John N8ZYA says:

    Sure wish the back was able to still paddle a canoe. Brings back good memories of days past gone.

  4. Riverboat Rick says:

    Looks like fun! wish I knew you were going , Chaz and I would have joined you : )Greta PIC of Fawn.

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