599 TU – Every Man A Marconi


   As a radio ham regular civilians sometimes say to me “You get the REAL news.” I usually squint my eyes and nod knowingly. Of course more and more I’m finding myself in QSO’s where I get in line to send my call sign, hear the response “AB9NZ 5NN TU” and the send back “5NN TNX dit dit”. On it’s face this seems rather unsatisfying, that is until you consider what went into that exchange of signal reports. Seasoned operators, masters of the telegraphic code, travel to the farthest reaches of the globe, endure great expense, hardships, and even danger and occassionally loss of life, just to activate radio stations for our pleasure. At my end there was a little work too, building a station, learning the protocols, and actually achieving a small semblance of Morse proficiency.

   I can’t think of another hobby where eternal signals are created, where one can witness the speed of light, and where a fella can feel the sheer joy of actually dabbling in the supernatural. To me, a quick handshake  from some remote outpost, traveling through thousands of miles of  aether, is a pleasure and privilige that just shouldn’t be denied.

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4 Responses to 599 TU – Every Man A Marconi

  1. lottakatz says:

    I got to your site via your posting on BoingBoing and have spent some time going through the last year’s postings. Your work with metal and wood is excellent and seeing the photos and reading your descriptions is entertaining and informative. (And made my mouth water with envy.) Your links to other sites led to informative and again, entertaining stories. I knew a rabid short-wave radio enthusiast that also did Morse Code so even though I don’t have first hand experience I did spend a lot of time listening to his adventures and explanations of the art(s). I even got to enjoy some of your postings on that front! :-)Thanks for your link on BoingBoing, I really enjoyed visiting your site and viewing your work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thanks for the very kind words. I hope you’ll visit occasionally. very best regards, Tom

  3. N8ZYA says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a better description of the Morse Code exchange! Would you mind if I "cut and pasted" it with a reference to your site? This should be shared with as many CW op’s as possible. This is excellent!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jeepers John, I’d be honored. Thanks much, Tom

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