60 Meter Thanksgiving Gift


  The notion of a ham band where Morse telegraphy isn’t allowed is the kind of sillyness that will soon be relegated to the tar pits. Our League has lobbied the FCC and won some changes to the five megacycle band allowing higher power, CW, and even transmitting modem noise on 60 meters. You can read about these changes here .

  My radio will require a small modification to allow transmitting in this newest of ham bands. Removing a diode in the Icom 718 will allow wide transmit from 1.6 to 30 mhz. The hard work and dedication of the ARRL staff and volunteers is truly appreciated here at the Radiotelegrapher.

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6 Responses to 60 Meter Thanksgiving Gift

  1. Mike W8MDE says:

    I saw the notice come down from ARRL but didn’t read the details. CW on 60 meters seems like a great idea to me. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mike, the mod to our 718’s is a wee bit scary, but seems to be well documented in the Icom 718 yahoo groups. Man, your new Triumph motorbike sure is cool. We had flurries this morning, hope you can get a few more good rides before holing up for the winter. Very best, Tom

  3. Mike W8MDE says:

    Hi Tom, As a long time SWL the 5 MHz segment of the spectrum has always been a favorite if mine. With 60m soon to be open to cw and digital what a great place to spend the dark winter evenings. What will you use for an antenna?I put over 200 miles on the Triumph this weekend just in case the nice weather is over for good. Your right it is a cool bike. I’ve had a blast getting to know the machine.73 Mike

  4. Dan says:

    Tom, really? Modem noise? Digital modes are faster than anything out here. Very few digital modes are slower than CW. Heck, packet is really awesome and though I have no digital interface yet, one day I will. Nice to see the FCC allowing us some more privileges on 60M.

  5. Anonymous says:

    About as awesome as as AOL and a crappy dial up connection.

  6. Scott Chalupa says:

    How you doing,ont want to get long until I know this is a good link

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