I Never Knew- Merci Beaucoup Mike


  This morning I worked the station FP/VE2XB on 17 meters. Mike was skillfully running a nice pile-up, so I didn’t try to ragchew the DX. After a quick exchange I signed and was left in a quandary, FP?  Through the magic of the internet I learned that FP is the prefix for St. Pierre and Miquenol Islands. What surprised me was that this is actually a territory of France, located at the end of a string of islands off Newfoundland. Wikipedia has a nice write up about it, describing it’s colonization since the 17th century, and that during World War II Canada even considered invading it! 

  I don’t know how I got mixed up with you guys, but this ham radio sure is taking me a lot of places.

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2 Responses to I Never Knew- Merci Beaucoup Mike

  1. Mike KD8JHJ says:

    The nice thing about HF amateur radio is if you don’t own an atlas you soon will. I guess these days an internet connection or an ipad accomplishes is the same thing.

  2. GW7AAV says:

    Those really are the best ones, when you work somebody and find out later what a gem you caught. A friend of mine tells the tale of being in the Falklands and having a chat with someone on an extremely rare island, they had answered his CQ. After an hour chatting the rare DX station said they were going for something to eat. A million stations seemed to be calling and the DX station said "I have to go please work the other guy and I will be on this same frequency the same time tomorrow. My pal worked 400 plus stations before pulling the plug. Before he went to bed he checked the call, no wonder so many folk wanted that one, but there were as many stations just as happy to get VP8. The next night he listened as the same station worked the same massive pile up and did so for three nights running. He knew that his chances of breaking through the crowd would have been very small and he may never have worked that location if they had not called him. When he got the QSL from the DX station it came with a nice note, which basically said how great it was to be able to chat and how he never gets chance with his rare call. It makes you think, the grass is not always greener on the other side, even being popular has its downside.

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