Elecraft KX3

Wow! I just might have to break open my piggy bank.

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3 Responses to Elecraft KX3

  1. Mike KD8JHJ says:

    It’s only money… you can’t take it with you! I like my 100 watt rig but I am impressed with the enthusiasm in the HF qrp world. My guess is qrp will continue to gain in popularity.Cool blog Tom -glad I found it. Btw great shop/shack you have set up.

  2. Grant Wagner says:

    That looks like an extremely nice radio. I picked up my Softrock Ensemble TXRX kit, speaking of SDRs. Of course for the one product, it’s significantly less performance for what I’m sure is significantly less money, but tied to a good external amp (such as 1 in 10 out), prograde sound card, and a good laptop, I wonder what the true cost/performance ratio and capabilities are.

  3. vichurtowy says:

    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" ><tr><td valign="top" style="font: inherit;"><DIV>Hey Tom,</DIV> <DIV>For some reason I couldn’t get sound…I also perused your web page a bit looking for Tommy’s knive but w/o success.</DIV> <DIV>Happy b-day to your bride tomorrow.</DIV> <DIV>See ya soon,</DIV> <DIV>Vic</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>773 787 9653<BR><BR>—</DIV></td></tr></table>

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