Northwest Model Engineer’s Society

   The first Monday of every month, the Northwest Model Engineers Society meets at 207 lee street in Mount Prospect Illinois at 7:00 pm. Any one living in or visiting the Chicago ares is urged to drop in and check it out. My brother John, KC9LGM, is president. Usually about 20 to 50 guys show up. It’s a very sharp crowd with a wide range of interests. It isn’t a ham radio club, but cool radio stuff isn’t discouraged either, at the last meeting I did count at least seven hams. here are just a few snippets from that meeting.


Ed brought in this steam powered pump that he is machining from raw bronze castings


Here is my little brother John running the wooden clock that he made.


Mike gave a fascinating demonstration on how to make Bio-Diesel fuel from used vegetable oil reclaimed from restaurants. He powers his vehicles and equipment with fuel he makes for 78 cents a gallon


The sergeant at arms


Refreshments were served


Another shot of John’s clock.

With such a huge knowledge base of amazing minds, the meetings never disappoint.  


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3 Responses to Northwest Model Engineer’s Society

  1. K2RGF says:

    Hey Tom…Very cool clock!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So I finally signed up with a posterous so I could comment! Strange how it wouldn’t let me comment until I did. I smell a conspiracy!You’re going to have to invite me to one of these meetings. This is awesome! I wish I was crafty enough to make such a wooden clock. Does your brother do commission work? ^_^

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, This is Grant, KC9SJQ, BTW.

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