Phone Op Linked to Killing Spree




  I was shocked to learn from a friend on two meters this morning, that the creep gunned down in a foiled Orland Park robbery attempt was also a ham. After being granted a general class license in 2004 Gary Amaya, KC9AWD, bragged in a forum at “on my way of being a no code extra  what a blast HF is”.  His last blast wasn’t from the HF bands though, it came from his own gun. The tables were turned during a botched robbery, and Jason Mcdaniel took Amaya’s gun and planted a couple of rounds in him, taking his life. Amaya appears to be linked to a shooting spree in Beecher Illinois that left one dead and two wounded. For once I’ll be happy to see the call sign of a silent key in QST.  Honeybee killer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a part of me that sees how sad it is that this creature was so miserable, he was someones brother friend and son. When my dad instincts kick in though, II realize that one of my beauties could have had his gun pointed at them. When a good dog starts killing sheep it needs to be put down, as sad as that is.

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