Vanity Build


I’ve been busy in the shop. Dorothy wants a vanity in the bathroom, so instead of blogging, I’ve got to keep moving. A dial indicator on the table saw fence lets a guy work within a thousandth of an inch.


Dados cut in the plywood carcase key everything together like a puzzle.


The carcase


Carcase with back rabbeted in


Salvaged wood being glued up to save money on drawer fronts


Lap jointed face frame and varnish added to carcase


Here is the jig I made about 20 years ago; it lets me index the wood over to cut finger joints in the drawer sides


Drawer parts ready for glue up


Drawer boxes ready for trimming


  Well, it’s not finished, but a lot of the heavy lifting is done. In the foreground is my dust collector. In the back ground you can see the operating position of my ham shack. Woodworking with Morse code blasting, it just doesn’t seem fair that one guy should have so much fun. Thanks for looking.

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