Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy


   Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ, has made available for free download  the latest edition of his e-book, ” Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy”.It’s a beautiful piece of work. I especially enjoyed his study of “amateur telegraphy from a linguistic perspective” where he poses the question “CW the Esperanto of the third Millennium?”.The book is packed with methods and exercises to help the beginner learn the code. Mr. Consoli then raises the bar and teaches the reader how to shed his limits and become the code.

    I put it on Dorothy’s Sony Reader, keep it on my desktop, and when I get to a printer I’ll make a nice pocket sized copy.

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3 Responses to Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy

  1. John Bruzan says:

    Learn the code, work the mode

  2. John Bruzan says:

    It did funny things to his hair

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bro, Got Chrome? Tom

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