Texas Radio and the Big Beat

   Over at the RadioTelegraphy Forum Adam, N0SSS, posted this thread , it’s a lovely treatise on the musical relationships in Morse code. In his work he coins the term “Vail Effect” the aural illusion of the code slowing down. This is fascinating stuff, yet the CW community seems to have missed it. I hope it gets linked around.

    I’ve been lucky enough to catch  Adam at the key a couple of times. He runs an Argonaut into a big loop and he’s got a great fist.

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2 Responses to Texas Radio and the Big Beat

  1. Phil says:

    Certain words and phrases have sounded "musical’ to operators since the beginning of the Vail Code. The phrase "BENS BEST BENT WIRE / 5" comes immediately to my mind. Certain calsigns are considered great callsigns to be used on CW, not just because they are short callsigns, but because they sound musical when sent. Adam’s thread, while interesting, is entirely too complex for my mind to comprehend. I just like to hear the music within CW and not give it much analytical thought. That said, I sometimes try to put a little "swing’ into my sending because I find perfectly sent code sounds boring.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree it is heady stuff, but worth plowing through. Will, W4HEX has the ultimate sounding call sign, and he pounds it out operating mobile with a sideswiper.

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