The Proof Is In The Pudding



  I know I’m kicking a dead horse here, but I can’t contain my joy. At the ISS Fan Club I found this audio from the International Space Station confirming my contact.http://www.issfanc<script type=”text/javascript” You can hear my call sign near the beginning of the audio stream.

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6 Responses to The Proof Is In The Pudding

  1. Carson ac0bu says:

    Great page, Tomas ! Been trying the ISS myself and no luck yet, keep a daily eye on the passes and the kids and I love to go out and view the nice visible ones. Carson ac0bu Iowa

  2. Anonymous says:

    Carson, Tnx for the kind words. I took the kids out one clear night when the station and the shuttle were zooming along together. They were both very bright. I recently heard he ISS commander mention that they’re travelling at five miles per second. Keep trying, I got lucky and nabbed ’em with an Icom 2200h mobile rig out in my workshop, and a generic vertical just ten feet off the ground.

  3. Carson says:

    Tom, We got to see the pair cruising along too ! It’s fun to just hear cdr. Wheelock talking from the station to others, ( Ham radio never gets old ) Am operating a Yaesu 2800 mobile here in the house on a beam. I work out of my bucket truck during the day,( for the power Co.) with another 2800 and magmount. I guess it’s like any old pileup…..gotta keep trying !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Carson, I Qrzeed you, cool bio, I bet you don’t care much for that plastic truck lettering either. You need to get one of these Posterous pages, it’d be a great way to share some cartoons with us. 73 de Tom AB9NZ p.s. hope to work yer station via the manly art.

  5. Carson says:

    Tom….You’re right, no plastic lettering for me ! I’m still one of those dinosaurs lettering and pinstriping with a brush. If you want to find the cartoons, it’s as easy as finding the Gitche Gitche Gumee group on facebook, they’re posted weekly. I’m on facebook too, look me up ! We need to connect on HF, I’m on midcars 7.258 almost every weekday during work hours. Tonight abt 3.855, Awful Awful Ugly net 7-9

  6. N8ZYA says:

    Neat contact…reminds me of the time I sat in a cow pasture with a portable packet system and dropped a note in the MIR space station BBS. I’ve yet to work the ISS but perhaps someday I’ll be in the right place at the right time.

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